The Best Places To Buy Diamonds Online

Curated by GIA Diamonds Graduate Thomas J Stevens.

Fine Tuning Your Search

Finding exactly what you are looking for is a lot easier when you know where to look.

Understanding exactly what each business offers and how they differ will help you find the one that best matches your needs.

The following info can help you fint the right place that has what you want.

A Personalized Service

Buying a diamond is a very important milestone in life. And everyone has their own particular preferences.

The practice of giving a diamond to our loved one is a very symbolic gesture and the type of diamond chosen will differ for each indivisual. You are of course welcome to browse all of the diamond jeweler websites if you like. The ones listed above each have a specialty and you can save a bit of time by knowing exactly what those specialities are.

Who provides the largest variety of diamonds?

While the majority of diamond jewelers can send for diamonds made available to the diamond trade not all of them have images of their inventory. When buying online it is essential to be able to view diamonds in 360° and in high definition. The two websites that have the largest inventory of diamonds with images are and

Where can I find high quality super ideal cut diamonds?

Diamonds shine at their best when they are cut to very precise standards. Once a diamond is cut and polished it is sent to a laboratory to be graded. Grading involves noting down all the diamond's characteristics such as its clarity, color, weight, size, and the quality of its symmetry and polish.

The diamonds that are the most attractive to look at are given an Excellent cut grade. Yet there are degrees of excellence that can be found even among diamonds with an excellent cut grade. Some of the diamond jewelers which make up part of my list have made their name creating what are known as Super Ideal Cut diamonds. The diamonds produced by these cutters are in a class of their own. Their optical symmetry and precision makes the diamond return light in such a way that is quite incredible. To find these high quality diamonds check out,, and

Where can I find fancy color diamonds?

Most of the online jewelers on my list sell fancy color diamonds. However there are a number of differences between fancy color diamonds and colorless diamonds. The hue, level of color intensity and the best cut for each color are factors that a specialist will know much more about. My recommendation is to work with Leibish or Asteria Diamonds. You will find their expertise invaluable. Fancy color diamonds is what they do. As fancy color diamonds can also be investments both companies have excellent support and guidance for anyone interested in investing in fancy colored diamonds.